Maquoketa GLOW Youth Page

Pre-COVID, GLOW took place on Wednesday nights from 6-8 with a meal, worship serve, sermon, and small groups. With COVID we've had to get creative!

Now, GLOW is on Wednesday nights from 6-8, but we started the school year on Zoom. In October, we switched to our in person youth group with physical distancing, and face masks. We had more of a Bible Study structure to the night. In December we tried something entirely new - again! We had "Advent Live" which was Advent lessons live on Facebook and Instagram!

in 2021 we will be returning to in person youth group starting on January 13th from 6-8pm.


You Can Find Us Here

Facebook - Maquoketa FUMC GLOW Youth Group. 

Twitter - @GlowMaq

Instagram - @maqglowyouth

Snapchat - @maqglowyouth

TikTok - @maqglowyouth

For more information or communication platforms please email our Student Ministry Director, Gabby Ferguson at